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Cайт Книжная лавка
Сеть книжных магазинов. Доставка книг почтой по всей России. Комплектование библиотек.
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№ 7 2018-05-17 18:42:55

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№ 6 2018-05-17 16:29:29

Платим за лайки! - Оплата сдельная!

Наш сервис предоставляет настоящие лайки на фото заказчиков, которые готовы платить за качество.

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№ 5 2018-04-15 23:53:30

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№ 4 2018-04-14 19:47:52

п»ї4 Guaranteed Adsense Account Approve Tips

Many webmasters and bloggers keep asking about their rejection of AdSense Application. I have also faced restriction of Google AdSense policy in approval of my Google AdSense account. My application was rejected for three times for different reason each time. Then I gone through some research and analysis on internet and on my blog also and what I found is secrets of AdSense account approval tips. I think these tips may also help you to get your AdSense account application accepted at the first time; hence I am sharing AdSense application tips with you here in this article.

The first and most important golden rule is to read and understand Google AdSense Policies and make your mind to strictly follow them as Google is very strict to their terms. If you want your Google AdSense account application to be accepted at the first time, you must strictly follow below tips.

1. Website Content. Content of your website must be suitable and meeting AdSense policy criteria. Hence in short, no duplicate content, no unethical or porn content and must be useful and informative. No negative talking, negative reviews about other site, business or products. Content must be unique, genuinely written and original.

2. Domain Name: You must have your own private domain name and not sub domain of any free domain service or blogging services. Domain must be at least 6 months old. 6 Month is necessary to improve your website and generate traffic to it from search engines because new domains do not have traffic. This is why AdSense do not accept domain newer than 6 months. And do not register domain for one year only, it must be registered for minimum two years, as in many cases spam domains are registered for one year only that is minimum domain registration period and age of domain more than two years creates credibility of your business online.

3. Domain Owner name must match AdSense Payee name: You must tell Google that you are the owner of the website and not applying for some other high traffic website. Google checks for the match of your AdSense application name and your domain ownership name. If possible, also maintain the same address in your domain Whois record and AdSense application.

4. Apply for Google AdSense account with your email id hosted on your own domain. This is more important to prove ownership of the website. You must create email like [email protected] yourdomain.com and use this to apply for AdSense account instead of using Gmail or any other email ids. It is also recommended to create Google webmaster tools account with the same email id and register your website for showing another proof of your website ownership.

Let me clarify that, not all above tips are verified by Google or not officially announced. These are from my own experience and research. Some of them may not be as important as I am saying, but I believe that following all above will not cost you anything then few minutes.

If you AdSense application is rejected before this, do not worry. You can still apply all above Guaranteed AdSense approval tips before re-submitting the application again. I would love to read your own tips and experience on AdSense application approval, waiting for your comments.

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№ 3 2018-04-12 04:17:37

п»ї9 Proper Conference Call Etiquette For A Better Conference Calling Experience

When you have a conference call rather it is from business to business, or business to an employee at home or abroad conducting business, it is important that the conference calling experience is productive and smooth sailing. No matter what role you play in the conference call, it is necessary that you maintain the proper etiquette for conference calls.

Before we get into the conference call etiquette, let us look at some of the things that could go wrong as a result of a bad conference call. You might not believe it, but there are many.

Here are some repercussions of a conference call gone bad:

Morale - If the proper etiquette is not followed, it might create some bad feelings between workers. You might find that it is harder to work with these employees as a result. Many people expect that their conference call will run with complete smoothness, no interruptions, and productivity, otherwise it is a complete waste of their time and yours.

Missed Deadlines - If there are constant interruptions or the conference call runs in a disorganized manner, things might be misunderstood. This could mean that an important deadline is missed because things were not correctly understood.

Misunderstandings - While this goes along with the missed deadlines, so many negative outcomes could arise from a misunderstanding. If for any reason, those on your conference call do not completely understand what you are telling them, it could result in not only missed deadlines, but a loss of customers, loss of revenue, loss of employees, or loss of business all the way around.

Getting it right the first time

Now that you know a few of the many problems that could arise from a conference call gone bad, it is time to take a look at the proper conference call etiquette. Every person on the conference call should practice these things. However, you cannot control the things that other people do or do not do; therefore, the only thing you can do is focus on yourself and your own etiquette and hope that everyone follows suit.

1. Quiet is the key - Make sure, when you are on the conference call that you are in a very quiet room, away from any disturbances. This will make sure that you hear everything that is going on and keep the misunderstandings to a minimum. It is impossible to keep the misunderstandings at bay if you have a dog barking, machines running, or people talking in the background.

2. The Telephone Equipment - Make sure that you are using a phone that will minimize the noise in the background. Some telephone and most all cell phones will pick up even the slightest noise or interference, which will not only cause troubles for you hearing the speakers, but others as well.

3. Using Telephone Technology - The mute button does wonders, but make sure you know how to use it. The mute button should be used if there is a lot of background noise that you simply cannot control or if someone is particularly talkative. Of course, make sure you know how to un-mute for when it is your turn to speak or answer a question.

4. Time - Make sure you set the conference call up in advance and let everyone know all information such as pass code or phone number. It is also necessary that you take time zones in to consideration if you have people across several time zones to include on the conference call.

5. Being on Time - If you are the conference call leader, you want to start right on time. Do not wait for others if they are late. People on the call want to start right away, because there may be other business they need to attend to. If you are simply in the call, be on time, you do not want to miss anything that might be important.

6. Introductions - Make sure that every person on the call introduces himself or herself. This will allow for building relationships and getting people to open up and feel comfortable.

7. Clarification - Not everyone will be able to tell who is who by the voice. Make sure before anyone speaks that his or her name is said first. For example, "this is Bob, could you repeat that company name again".

8. Eating - Never eat while you are on a conference call, who wants to hear chewing in their ear? If you must get a drink of water, put the call on mute so no one will have to hear the emitted sounds. This includes chewing gum.

9. Keep on Topic - Do not fill the call with unnecessary talk. Keep to the point, because remember there may be several people on the call that have other pressing things to do.

With the above proper conference call etiquette rules, you will find that the conference calls runs in a much more smooth and efficient manner. Keeping the proper etiquette in mind while on the conference call will make the entire call that much more productive for everyone.

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№ 2 2018-04-07 17:16:47


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